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Elite Women Executive Catalyst Program - 8 Weeks to Executive Success

Hosted by Elite High Performance, The Elite Women Executive Catalyst is an exclusive 8-week transformative journey designed to shatter the glass ceilings that women face in attaining & succeeding in executive leadership. Did you know that a staggering 50-70% of executives face failure within 18 months of stepping into a new role? and, only 10.4% of Fortune 500 companies have female executives? 


Relying on internal development just isn’t cutting it; 76% of Fortune 1,000 executives believe formal development is inadequate, and 55% rate internal coaching as subpar or nonexistent.


Can you afford to fail when you’ve worked so hard to break the glass ceiling?


But not all coaching is created equal, only 25% of leadership development is effective because it tackles mindset. Even further, 75% of women executives have experienced imposter syndrome, a common mindset block, in their careers which can lead to low confidence, increased stress/burnout and lower performance. 


That's where the Elite Advantage comes in. We specialize in unlocking leaders' mindsets to unleash their highest performance in just 8 weeks. 


Don't become part of the 50-70% who face failure. Join our community of Elite leaders who take decisive action on their growth journeys and achieve success in both business and life. Elevate your leadership and succeed in breaking the glass ceiling with the Elite Executive Catalyst Program - designed to make you a successful executive.


Click here to learn more. If you are interested in signing up, email


If you are an Empowering Women in Industry member this program is available to you for $1,999 ($3,000 off) until February 1st. After February 1st, the program is $2,499 until March 1st. 


If you are not an Empowering Women in Industry member the program cost is $5,000.

The targeted start date for this program is March 1st. 


Sign up to become an Empowering Women in Industry member to save.

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