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A Letter from Charli: What a Summer of collaboration! I feel empowered.

Updated: May 20

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This is exactly the feeling I want for people who interact with Empowering Women in Industry. Looking back on the events I was part of recently, all I see is collaboration! Leading women and men coming together to support each other with a focus on making an impact. It started with a #tradeshowlive with my empowering sisters Naomi Jabbari and Stephanie Hajducek about the necessity to empower women in the workforce, and to inspire the next generation in STEAM fields. I also gathered with our steering committee and friends in Chicago to discuss how to take brave steps each day to accomplish our goals. Learning from Shelia V’s story and studying her book, Brave, was a treasure that continues to excite me about the future for our community. The partnerships we are making can really accelerate growth personally and professionally. We have already seen growth in our community membership portal from leaders around the world that are providing masterminds and resources to our membership. So make sure you check out our membership levels and see what fits for you and/or your team.

Speaking of leaders and feeling empowered, I must mention that during my time in Chicago, the Coalition for Women in Industry met to discuss mission and next steps. Take a minute to read about it here. I say all this to let you know, I am about to show you how to #BECOURAGEOUS at our Oct 5th event in Chicago, and it is a collaborative effort with some of the most empowering women I have ever met. Hope to see you there!

Until then… #BeEmpowering

Xoxo Charli

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By: Charli K. Matthews

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