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Empowering Women 2020 Goes Virtual

Dear Empowering Women,

We decided to move up the conference and make it a LIVE virtual event.

We are committed to our mission to Connect, Educate, and Empower Women that will not only inspire the next generation of leaders, but provide a community for those currently leading. We know you have had to take on a great deal of responsibility and leadership and we want to help you to press on and encourage you during this time of transition to a new way of life.

There are several reasons why we are changing the conference to a virtual event:

We want to keep everyone safe.

We want to help you reduce expenses.

We want to take on the challenge of a virtual event.

We want to reach more women in industry!

We will miss being together with you, but this is the next best thing…

The conference will be LIVE streamed and also include pre-recorded videos. This will ensure that you have a quality event! Some of our team will be on location with our film crew in Houston. We will come to you LIVE throughout the day and as always interact with you through social media. We will also be utilizing the event app called WHOVA.

Please go ahead, download the app, and create your profile… You do get extra points for that!

The virtual conference will include a presentation of the awards to our winners! This is such an important part of our work and even though we can’t celebrate properly… You better believe I will be dressing up and sharing these amazing women’s stories who inspire us all!

I hope you will join in with all you have from your favorite place on Saturday, August 1st! We know some of you will have things to do from time to time during the day. We will make sure to post the agenda and have ways you can login at anytime! Also, let the whole family join in… It will be a fun day and I promise if you go all in with me… WE CAN MAKE AN IMPACT!

Registration will open June 20th… It’s my 9th year anniversary as a business owner… I mean what could be a more empowering date!

See you soon!


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