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Empowering Women Connect in Alabama

Empowering Women in Industry hosts its first local event, Empowering Women Locally. Empowering Women Locally attracted over 160 women to the Bryant Conference Center in Tuscaloosa, Alabama, effectively selling out the event space. This event brought women in leadership together who were seeking to grow their skills and knowledge as well as access to local community leaders, entrepreneurs, educators, and industry.

Thank you for putting together such an important event for the women of Tuscaloosa. I had no idea how needed it was,” shares Elizabeth Winter, SVP for Regions Bank.

The conference covered topics such as leadership, change intelligence, imposter syndrome, diversity & inclusion, effective communication, workforce development, community outreach, overcoming limiting beliefs, mentoring, financial management, personal branding and networking, mental toughness, self-care, and empowering women.

One first time panelist gave encouragement to her fellow panelists, declaring “You are all awesome and there is something about each of you that I’ve taken away to become a better me. The entire day was filled with golden nuggets that I’ve placed in my back pocket!”

Empowering Women Locally is an extension of the Empowering Women in Industry Annual Conference & Awards Gala, which is planned for October 8th, 2020 and will be located in New Orleans as it follows a national water conference called WEFTEC. Please sign up for updates at

It is important to share our skills and knowledge with our local communities. We want to make sure the women closest to us are empowered,” states Charli K. Matthews. “This is why I chose to add local events to our organization’s mission. We have so many female leaders in our communities doing great things. We must remember to shine the light on their achievements and help them along every chance we get! I have been looking for a way to give back to my community and build successful leaders. Pouring into these women has been wonderful! Seeing how I am a UA alumni and the University of Alabama is the place #WhereLegendsAreMade, I couldn’t think of a better venue to host this local event.

Empowering Brands. located in Tuscaloosa, AL, is a versatile digital marketing services company that works with industrial companies and specializes in social media management and marketing, strategic planning, marketing consulting, content development and digital advertising. Working as a strategic partner and extension of our clients’ marketing team, we bring fresh thinking and experience with flexible and responsive service to empower our clients and maximize their brands. Additionally, Empowering Brands owns Empowering Pumps & Equipment, an information and connection hub for the pump and related equipment industries; a digital first publisher focused on thought leadership, community building and social media advocacy for our industry partners. We help clients reach and engage with a diverse industrial audience.

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