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The Empowering Women Podcast is a production of the Empowering Women in Industry organization. We aim to bring the stories of inspiring career women to inspire and encourage the next generation of leaders. In particular, we highlight women in male-dominated fields (such as engineering, manufacturing, construction, etc.), and seek to bring some of the more difficult conversations around workplaces sexism and bias to an open space for exploration.


Shannon Bumgarner.jpg

Shannon Bumgarner is an integrated supply chain leader inspiring change within organizations and with women in technical careers. As a degreed engineer with 20+ years of experience, she has worked for leading industrial companies, strengthening quality, procurement and process engineering strategies, and mentoring women in largely male-dominated industries. 

Empowering Women in Industry is proud to work with Shannon on this initiative and we encourage everyone to tune in. Together we will hear from ambitious and inspiring career women as they share their stories of success and overcoming career challenges. You can find current episodes on our website or you can stream from iTunes, Spotify, Stitcher, or TuneIn. If you would like to join the community, get involved, or share your story you can visit or contact Charli K. Matthews at

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