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Convince Your Boss to Send you to #EmpoweringWomen2024

You've already decided that you want to attend Empowering Women 2024 because it is a great personal development and networking opportunity. But does your boss still need to be convinced?


​We've simplified the process for you by creating a customizable letter for you to send to your boss. The letter includes all the benefits of attending, you just have to fill in names, choose the benefits that fit your company best, and deliver the letter to the right person.  Here is an excerpt: 

Dear / Hey [insert your Boss's name],

I am submitting an official request to attend the Empowering Women in Industry conference and awards gala on October 10, 2024 [Insert your company name] has always conveyed its commitment to the continued growth of its employees, so I’m taking a moment to humbly request your support for my professional development as this is a great opportunity to establish connections with industry professionals and potential partners that may benefit our organization. 


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