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Empowering Women 2023 Winners

Emerging Leader of the Year - DeIla Ray

Tradeswoman of the Year- Jenny Crozier

Innovator of the Year- Melanie Adams

Leadership in DEI- Shannon Bumgarner

Industry Advocacy- Meaghan Ziemba

Mentor of the Year- Jessica Brysch

Marketer of the Year- LaShonda Brown

Leadership in STEM / STEAM- Dr. Kimberly Fiock

Engineer of the Year- Stephanie Slocum

Saleswoman of the Year- Becky Henderson

Leadership in Reliability & Operations- Ashley Cruz

Leadership in Manufacturing- Cheryl Merchant

Empowering Woman of the Year- Dianne McMaster

Tradeswoman of the Year

Engineer of the Year

Leadership in STEM/STEAM

Saleswoman of the Year