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Mentorship Circles

Program Overview:


We are proud to bring back our Mentorship Circles facilitated by Stacy Cassio of Pink Mentor Network. This program will begin with a virtual information session on January 9, 2023.


Throughout the program year, we will explore six common challenges that often hold us back professionally, and then via mentorship circle deployment strengthen bonds of support & accountability to overcome each.


Monthly sessions feature mentorship to develop the following:
● START - Bold Moves in 2023
● LEAD - Authentic Leadership
● EXPERT - Building Reputation
● INNOVATE - Career Transformation
● GROW - Healthy Career Relationships
● SURVIVE - Workplace Well-Being


Kickoff / Information Session:


For Leaders: Mentoring is a skill that comes naturally to the most engaged leaders.
In this session, we strategize on how to become stronger mentors & sponsors for our people. We begin by inventorying the leader's social & career capital, and then establish immediately applicable ways to foster greater legacy, fulfillment, and purpose as leaders.


For All: Finding internal mentorship & sponsorship is critical to retention & engagement.
In this session, we explore three critical career-developing relationships: Managers, Mentors, & Sponsors. We learn the difference between the roles, how to develop them remotely & organically, and best practices for utilizing the new skills to grow with purpose & impact.


This session is for those who:
● Are looking for greater career support & belonging
● Want to strengthen peer-support bonds around them
● Need an infusion of connection & purpose

● Want to grow as a mentor to those around them

Session Facilitator:


Stacy Cassio - CEO & Founder, Pink Mentor Network
In 2017, Stacy founded the Pink Mentor Network, Charlotte’s 1st female mentorship community, followed by the creation of Pop-Up Mentor, a brand new model for mentorship. Today, that model is being used by organizations of all sizes & industries to build transparent, scalable, measurable employee resource programs.


Stacy is dedicating her life to reshaping how individuals seek & obtain mentorship, and helping organizations build cultures of mentorship. In 2019, her work was nominated for the Athena International Corporate Award for Leadership and Charlotte Inno’s “Opportunity Champion” award. Stacy also was named a Mecklenburg Times 2019 Phenom. Stacy’s career was built & fueled by great mentors until she became one.


Learn more about Stacy Cassio.

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