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A Letter from Charli - What a Celebration!

Updated: May 20

empowering women conference

Five years of the Empowering Women event has been nothing short of amazing. I am filled with immense gratitude to be a part of this journey, walking alongside beautiful and talented women who are some of the most courageous change-makers I know. This year’s theme was “BE COURAGEOUS,” and, indeed, we lived up to it.

One of the things I adore about this event is that it has become a platform for women to nurture and grow into their best selves at their own pace. We provide them with the opportunity to leverage their skills, and with an encouraging nudge, we let them know that they can conquer even the most challenging of tasks. It’s about empowerment, self-discovery, and taking those brave steps toward personal growth.

dancing on stage

But it’s not just about us; it’s also about the future. I am overjoyed that my daughter, Karli, is actively involved in this organization. Here, she is surrounded by strong, inspiring women she can look up to as role models. Whether she’s on stage at the Empowering Women event, confidently strutting down the runway, helping with the raffle giveaways, or even starting the dance party, Karli’s journey with this organization has been transformative. At the tender age of 13, she has conquered her stage fright, a milestone that is truly worth celebrating.

team photo

As we reflect on this five-year milestone and look ahead, I want to encourage everyone to consider their own courageous acts for the coming year. Share with us what you’re working on, and let us be your biggest cheerleaders. After all, the essence of Empowering Women is not just about a single event but a lifelong journey of empowerment, support, and courage. Here’s to many more years of inspiring women to be their courageous and authentic selves! 

Read this article in the Emowering Women in Industry Digital Magazine:

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