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Making History: The Forging Industry Association Elects Its First Female Board Chair

Updated: May 20

headshot of Chelsea Lantto

For the first time in its 110 year history, the Forging Industry Association (FIA) Board of Directors will be led by a woman. Chelsea Lantto, President of Trenton Forging Company, has been elected to the Chairpersons position for the 2023-2024 term.

Chelsea is the granddaughter of Trenton Forging Company Founder, George S. Moxlow and was immersed in company culture from a young age. After spending 10 years in public health, she missed the fast-paced environment of manufacturing and rejoined her father’s company in 2018 as the Business Operations Manager. She moved into the Director of Manufacturing role in 2019 and she and her brother took over operations in 2019 as President and Vice President.

In 2019, Lantto was elected to the FIA board as the youngest elected female director. Since taking her seat, Chelsea has proven herself to be a dedicated leader and advocate for the association, engaging in all aspects of the organization. She is an active member of and sits on the Public Policy, Women in Forging, Safety, and Workforce Development committees.

Chelsea is mother to triplets, so she will also be the first Chairperson that is also a mother. This milestone is one that the FIA Board of Directors and association staff are excited to see come to fruition. FIA recently launched its Women in Forging (WIF) Mentorship Program, an action of the WIF Committee, of which Chelsea is also a member.

“Chelsea is the perfect person for this role and to enact this historical marker for the association. I hope that her leadership motivates more women to get involved in the association, as board directors, committee members, mentors, or mentees,” said Angela Gibian, Director of Marketing and Events for the Forging Industry Association and Executive Director of the Forging Foundation. “It is important as an organization that represents the industry that we lead by example and empower females to grow in leadership roles. Chelsea is a great inspiration in that regard.”

We look forward to the future of the association under Chelsea’s leadership and guidance, and hope to see many more women follow in her footsteps.

By: The Forging Industry Association

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Kathy Nelson
Kathy Nelson
Aug 29, 2023

Congratulations! I became the first (and as of now still only) Chairwoman of an industry trade association that is 75 years old (70 years old at the time I was elected). It's a great honor to be the first AND at the same time, makes me wonder why it has taken so long and the fact the pipeline hasn't continued in my trade association is worrisome. Wishing you the best of luck and keep moving the needle!

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