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Meet Charli K. Matthews! She is focused on Empowering Women Leaders

Here is my story…

As a young girl, I loved babies. When I thought of my life, it did include children but it wasn’t

just as a mommy. I wanted to build a child development center aka daycare named, Kay Kay’s place. I wanted something better than the daycare I was observing where children would just watch tv while their parents work. This didn’t happen but I laugh because with 3 children I often feel I run a daycare. I was told I wouldn’t make any money in the child development field, so I chose Finance… that sounds like money, right… I tell you this so you understand that children and family are very important to me. I am also not driven by money. I am driven to make money so I can accomplish my goals. In my last college class, I was asked to write a business case. I wrote about Kay Kay’s place. I still want a better life for children and choosing a career. If I had known of the opportunities in STEM, I would have picked something different. But, I am here now (well kinda)...

Charli K Matthews Empowering Women in Industry

I worked my way through college in Human Resources at the community college, Make Up

technician, legal secretary, and admin for a publishing company. All these experiences helped mold me into this ladyboss.

"I learned so much about marketing to an audience before it was my responsibility"

When I was 22, I went to Australia and worked as an intern for importing and exporting business. I learned so much about marketing to an audience before it was my responsibility. I was thankful for the experience, but I returned to work that was unfinished and a less than helpful assistant that was suppose to be stepping in while I was away. It’s hard to find good help right… Lesson Learned. In my last days before graduating, I was interviewing with banks, appraisal companies, etc.. None of which sounded like something I would enjoy. In my free time as admin, I started calling clients for booth sales and researching new potential clients. The opportunities seemed endless and well the job looked easy as I watched the guys make their calls and plan for events. Soon, one of the top salesmen at my company was fired. I didn’t hesitate. I wrote the owner and told him I could do the job. He said I sold him, so I could sell anything. Lesson Learned. Ask for it.

My direct boss made a deal with me. If I helped him reach his goal, he would give me $1000 of his own money. That sounded like a million dollars to me! YES… let’s make it happen. And we did! Lesson learned. Incentive Goals Work!

I was a natural at talking to people in person, but calling and leaving voicemails was the scariest thing I had done at that point. I hung up a lot. Being recorded and standing on stage still stresses me, but I have been making myself embrace these recorded speaking opportunities to get better...Each time it is easier! Lesson Learned. Practice Makes Better.

I worked as a sales rep for 8 years. Because I started as an admin, it was hard not to be involved in other areas. Especially the ones that were supporting my boss. It was some of the best times of my career, and I absorbed it all. I learned as much as I could about the whole process. Then… when it was time for me to move up, there wasn’t the right structure or company management in place to allow me to do that. I was given a Director title with no authority to call or run a meeting. I could’ve improved the business, but instead my drive to lead was seen as a negative. I created a ½ a million on my first project and was the top sales executive when I was fired. It was because I didn’t know how to communicate my value, my goals, and my vision. Lesson Learned. Communication Skills are KEY!

Now my plan is to continue educating women through my connections and experiences so their voices can be heard clearly and effectively. This will make us better leaders and give us more opportunities to grow.

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