Women in Engineering: Scholarships, Statistics & Tips for Advancing

Originally published by Ohio University

According to data from Built by Me, an organization that encourages women to pursue engineering careers, significant gender disparity still exists in the STEM workforce. Women hold only about 28% of STEM jobs.

While such statistics may be dismaying, the silver lining is that more and more organizations like Built by Me exist, and they’re correcting gender disparities in the science, technology, engineering, and math fields one individual at a time. Certainly, girls and women have a number of compelling reasons why they might lean into engineering roles: diverse career opportunities, chances to unite technical expertise with creative problem-solving, and potentially high salary ranges. More than anything else, engineering appeals because it allows women the chance to do interesting and impactful work.

Women in Engineering Scholarships

Scholarships make engineering programs more accessible and potentially help more women earn engineering degrees. By closing the education gap, these scholarships also help narrow the gender disparity in the STEM workforce.

Many great engineering scholarships for women are available, including these four examples:

Society of Women Engineers (SWE) Scholarship Program

According to the Society of Women Engineers website, their scholarships “support those who identify as a female/woman and are pursuing an ABET-accredited bachelor or graduate student program in preparation for careers in engineering, engineering technology, and computer science in the United States.”

An active program, SWE awarded 260 scholarships in 2019, including both new and renewed scholarships. In total, these scholarships were valued at more than $810,000.

SWE has more than six decades of experience promoting the value of women in the engineering field. It remains one of the preeminent organizations advocating for the success of women in the STEM fields.

National Society of Black Engineers