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Women's Safety Organizations Launch Global #MyBodyMyPPE Campaign

Updated: 2 days ago

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[Philadelphia, PA, April 29] -- Women’s PPE advocacy organization The Safety Rack, along with AWSAM, the Alliance of Women’s Safety Apparel Manufacturers, have partnered with women’s groups around the world ahead of their upcoming global week-long hashtag campaign set to launch on April 29, 2024. In recent years, the issue of companies failing to provide personal protective equipment, or PPE, specifically for women’s bodies has gained traction in the public discourse.

“When companies refuse to provide PPE made for women’s bodies, it puts women in grave physical danger, and sends a troubling message about women’s value in the workplace,” said campaign organizer Amy Roosa, Founder of The Safety Rack.

The campaign encourages women around the world to share their own personal stories of improper PPE, while using the hashtag #MyBodyMyPPE, to raise awareness about the issue. The campaign also requests that women fill out a survey on the issue, accessible through the website,, in order to gather data for an upcoming study.

For further information, please contact Amy Roosa at or Emily Soloby at

Visit for more details and to participate in the survey.                                                          

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