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Always Ready For An Adventure

Always ready for an adventure is one way people describe Courtney Bedoya. “Life is just one big adventure for me.” She said. When she got married to her husband, Joey, he was a brand new lieutenant in the Army. He asked her where she wanted to be stationed and where she didn’t. Her response was simple, “I don’t care where we go, I just don’t want to live anywhere twice.” Life in the military took them to 10 different states from Virginia to Alaska and many states in between, including Hawaii. Her husband is now retired and they are continuing their life adventure in Houston, TX with their 4 dogs and a daughter they call Coconut.

While Courtney has spent most of her life in male dominated industries she never really thought about the imbalance that was all around her. Now that her adventure includes an 8 year old daughter who loves space, airplanes, dinosaurs, dragons, dogs and cars she is keenly aware of how some people assume that just because Coconut was a girl she loved dolls and Barbie’s. When Coconut was just 3 the dentist called her a princess. She was quick to correct him and asked him to refer to her as a superhero instead.

It was Coconut who opened Courtney’s eyes to the discrepancy. When Coconut started school she wanted a pink and purple dinosaur backpack. They looked everywhere. After weeks of searching they settled on a blue and green dinosaur backpack with the promise of getting it embroidered with pink raptors. This really made Courtney stop and think, why was there a gap?

Courtney’s latest adventure has her working as the Steel Blue marketing manager for the Americas. She believes that despite the fact that women only make up 10% of the market when it comes to the trades they deserve just as many options as the men when it comes to PPE. Steel Blue has a comprehensive ladies range of boots built on a women’s last allowing the boots to properly fit a women’s foot. Courtney and her team believe women should not have to forgo comfort for safety. They deserve rugged boots made specifically for their feet. It has been her mission to continue to expand the ladies range in the U.S.

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