Children’s Books Help Boost Self-Esteem

Healthy self-esteem doesn’t come easy. Magazines, pop-culture, social media, materialism... The pressures of the modern world have made it more difficult than ever to maintain confidence.

In today’s society, kids need assurance that their character matters more than their looks. As they make their way into the world, they need a solid understanding that true confidence and beauty shine from within.

Thanks to writer Stefanie Fields, this message is now being shared across the US.

For several months, Fields collected donations to distribute 750 copies of her popular children’s book, You’re Beautiful When, to Children’s Advocacy Centers nationwide. These centers provide resources, support, and trauma-informed care to victims of abuse.

While door-to-door campaigning, Fields met an elderly woman so moved by her story, she immediately pulled out her checkbook and donated $500. “I’d been to so many houses,” recalls Fields, “and there, behind the 124th door, was my fairy godmother.”

Through neighborhood donations, fundraising tables at local farmers markets, and a GoFundMe campaign, Fields was able to reach her goal. Deserving children across the US are now learning to nourish their self-esteem with this colorful book of affirmations, which promotes