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Early Bird Registration Opens for the Empowering Women in Industry Virtual Conference & Awards Gala

Registration Opens- June 20, 2020

Tuscaloosa Early registration opens on June 20, 2020 for the Empowering Women in Industry virtual event and gala this year. This event will be a full day of speakers, sessions, interactive workshops and an awards gala.

Our goal last year was to celebrate, educate, and empower women. This goal remains the same this year even though it will be held virtually. While we will be hosting the event virtually, we will have a few special live components that you’ll get to see throughout the day. In this year’s range of sessions, you will learn things such as Building Allies, Diversity & Inclusion, and some panel discussions on topics of Self-Care and Tools to Overcome Workplace Challenges. The event will close with an awards gala where we will celebrate ourselves, each other, and recognize leading ladies in the industry making a difference and effecting change. “While celebrating these amazing women will look a little different this year, I can’t wait to still be able to put a spotlight on them and thank them for what they’re doing to lead the way for other women in our industry” says Founder and CEO, Charli K. Matthews.

With early bird registration opening on June 20th, we encourage you to join us to help make an impact for not only yourself but for the many other women in our community. We are also hopeful that making this event virtual this year will make it more accessible for people to be able to attend and come together. If you would like to join the community, get involved, or help sponsor the event you can visit or contact Charli K. Matthews at


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