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#EMPOWERINGWOMAN Spotlight: Maria Elena Rodriguez Hernandez

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Pioneering Sustainable Hydraulics and Gender Equality in Megaprojects

As we step into the new year on this 3rd of January, my thoughts gravitate towards the profound synergy between hydraulic engineering and the sustainability of our planet 🌍. With nearly 27 years in the Pump Industry, I’ve witnessed the colossal potential and impact of mega pumping projects. These initiatives are not just feats of engineering; they are lifelines to communities, economies, and ecosystems. As a passionate advocate for hydraulic engineering, I constantly seek innovative methods to enhance efficiency and reduce environmental footprints in every project I encounter.

In the face of climate change, our industry stands at a critical juncture. It’s imperative that we, as hydraulic engineers and leaders, integrate sustainable practices into the core of our work. The challenge of climate change is daunting, yet it presents an opportunity to innovate, adapt, and lead in creating a resilient and sustainable hydraulic infrastructure 🛠️. Our work today lays the foundation for future generations, ensuring a legacy of environmental stewardship and engineering excellence.

Furthermore, as we endeavor to build monumental projects, let’s also commit to constructing a more equitable and inclusive industry. Gender equality is not a mere statistical target but a cornerstone of progressive, innovative, and resilient organizations.

I advocate for meaningful strides in empowering women and underrepresented groups in STEM/STEAM fields, not just for equity’s sake but for the rich diversity of thought and creativity they bring to our industry

“True progress in gender equality involves firm, consolidated efforts that establish future standards and inspire the next generation of engineers and leaders.”

As a community of professionals, let’s pledge to make 2024 a year of impactful engineering, sustainable solutions, and unwavering commitment to diversity and equality. Together, we can shape an industry that not only constructs marvels of hydraulic engineering but also exemplifies stewardship, innovation, and inclusivity.

By: Maria Elena Rodriguez Hernandez

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