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FIERF Launches Its First Women in Forging Mentorship Program

Updated: May 20

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The Forging Foundation (FIERF) has announced the implementation of its first-ever Women in Forging Mentorship Program. The program’s primary goal is to promote the development of leadership roles for women in the forging industry.

This mentorship program will tap into the existing knowledge, skills, and experience of successful women in leadership positions who are currently working in the forging industry, and transfer that knowledge and skill to the upcoming industry workforce while helping them move towards successful careers in leadership of their own.

Why Mentorship is Important

Mentorship is a valuable tool to build a successful career or gain solid footing within an organization or industry. Many great achievers have claimed that they had a great mentor at some point during their rise to excellence. Mentorship is a two-way process. But if it works the way it is meant to, both the mentor and mentee will benefit from the experience. The mentor benefits because they can lead the future generation in an area they care about and ensure that best practices are passed along; meanwhile, the mentee benefits because they have proven that they are ready to take the next step in their career and can receive the extra help needed to make that advancement.

Suggested Mentor/Mentee Activities

In addition to structured discussions, mentors and mentees may choose to focus on activities that will assist the mentees in their personal and professional development. Below is a list of suggestions provided by the foundation if one or both parties decide to add an activity to their mentorship.

Activities to Consider:


  • Bring a copy of your current resume. Work with your mentor and your team to provide suggestions for improvement.


  • Ask your mentor to provide you with a mock job interview. This should resemble an interview as closely as possible for the purpose of providing real-world experience for the mentee.

Job Shadowing Day

  • Spend a day with your mentor. Attend meetings and other activities to better understand a day in the life of your mentor.

Attend a Trade Show

  • If possible,consider going to a trade show with your mentor. Get a chance to see a variety of industry specific organizations and/or the general process for networking.

Tour a Forging Plant

  • The Forging Foundation can setup a plant tour with one of our members in your area to see firsthand how one of their facilities functions.

Become a Mentor or Mentee

For more information on the Women in Forging Mentorship Program, or to get involved either as a mentor or mentee, visit www. or contact Gabby Schultz at

By: The Forging Foundation

Check out this article and others like it in our Empowering Women in Industry Digital Magazine.

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