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Looking Back at 5 Years of Empowering Women in Industry With Elena Rodriquez

What Charli has created with Empowering Women in Industry is very important for all of us.

For all the women in this industry: it’s important to recognize that historically, the water industry has been male-dominated, and while this is gradually changing, there are still fewer women in the industry than men. This can create a sense of isolation and exclusion for women who work in the industry, particularly if they are the only woman in their workplace or team. This is where a women’s network, like Empowering Women in Industry, can be incredibly valuable. By connecting with other women in the water industry, women can find a sense of community and support. We can share experiences, discuss challenges, and find solutions together. This can be especially important for women who may face unique challenges in the workplace due to gender biases or expectations.

A women’s network can also provide opportunities for professional development and career advancement. Women can learn from each other’s experiences and expertise, share knowledge and skills, and mentor each other. This can help to break down barriers and create a more inclusive culture within the industry. Moreover, having a women’s network in the water industry can help to promote diversity and inclusion in the industry as a whole. It can provide a platform for women to advocate for themselves and for gender equality in the workplace, as well as to raise awareness about the importance of diversity and inclusion.

In a more personal way, as commented, the water industry has been male-dominated, but times are changing, and women are stepping up to take on leadership roles and driving innovation in this vital sector. As a woman interested in pursuing a career in the water industry I felt also important feeling as a part of a community. While building my network I met, in social media, Charli, few years ago. The HI annual 2017 event made possible for us to meet in person (I still remember that very first picture) and together with attending water conferences and other congresses we connected during the years. I remember with special affection my first Empowering Women In Industry Conference, it was so unique as we had the opportunity of having a common space to connect with other women in the same business and having a voice.

There have been two special moments in all these years. I remember with great affection, especially because of my grandmother’s enthusiasm, appearing as PumpCelebrity in the Empowering Pumps and Equipment magazine. That was my story, very personal, and I hope at some point it inspired someone to follow or try this industry.

And the second, especially because Charli totally took me out of my comfort zone, participating in the podcast. It was one of the experiences that have made me grow the most in recent times: I have never minded giving talks in a language that is not my mother’s own, but always in a technical framework (a framework that I control). Talking about more personal topics in the podcast was something that terrified and excited me in equal parts and that today I remember as one of the most important of my life because I challenged myself.

Thanks Charli for this community: This women’s network in the water industry is essential for building community, supporting women, promoting diversity and inclusion, and advancing the industry as a whole. It’s a powerful tool for women in the industry to connect, grow, and thrive.

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