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Meet Ikram Guerd, Award-Winning International Healthcare Marketer

What does Empowering Women mean to you?

Empowering Women mean to help level up other women through different tools: experience sharing, mentoring and coaching, giving back some confidence, being inspirational and showing them that it's possible through network for e.g.

It's all about confidence and setting standards that nothing is impossible.

It means a lot for me and every time I have the opportunity to support another woman, I'm more than happy as part of the women's community. Encouragement and recognition are keys to find your confidence back.

How did you get started working in your field?

After my Masters in Marketing in France, I got the opportunity to start a junior product manager role for a 2 month-contract, which became 5 years and since then, I've been in the healthcare field for the last 18 years and I truly enjoy it.

Becoming a pediatrician was my childhood dream. Even if I wasn't able to achieve that specific dream, I focused on my 2 other passions: marketing and the international (travelling, learning other languages and cultures).

At the end, I managed to work in marketing in the healthcare field with pediatricians in an international environment and abroad for the last 6 years in California.

What do you love most about your job? / What are you most proud of?

I've been in the healthcare industry for the last 18 years (medical devices, pharma, diagnostics/IVD) and I truly enjoy it. Being a healthcare marketing leader gives me a strong purpose on a daily basis when I know that I contribute in helping clinicians and patients' life.

Younger, I wanted to become a pediatrician but unfortunately, I wasn't able to pursue this path, that's when I discovered marketing and felt totally in love. Luckily, through my healthcare journey, I was lucky to be surrounded by scientists to help me get a good understanding of the challenges and needs. Until, I finally got the opportunity to work closely with neonatologists and pediatrician as my main customers. I felt so proud of being able to help these clinician making the right diagnosis and saving babies' life. I felt so lucky to have the privilege to work with them and close the loop in a way with my childhood dream.

Being a healthcare marketing leader is so empowering and a 360 experience where everyday is different interacting with diverse groups of stakeholders.

From launching a new product, driving a re-branding project, building an omnichannel marketing campaign or leading a marketing team, my responsibilities are so diverse and so exciting.

Hiring, coaching and helping my team growing is also another key thing I'm excited about and proud of. I truly enjoy managing people, giving them a chance to experience a new industry and seeing them shine is one of my rewards.

My expertise, passion and dedication gave me the opportunity to move abroad from Europe to California where I also had the chance to keep learning and growing in my area with a larger geographical scope.

Now, I'm also very excited to combine 2 key purposes for me by joining the Women's Health space as a leader where I get to continue making a positive impact for women patients and healthcare providers and help empower women.

What advice would you give to someone considering this line of work?

- Be curious and always up to date, especially on the digital marketing field that is evolving so quickly

- Be agile and flexible. If you like adrenaline, marketing is for you

- Get specialized in a specific and future forward aspect of marketing, and ideally have an healthcare specialty (ideal, not mandatory depending on your final goal)

- Network and surround yourself with experts in the field

- Be interested, even passionate about the healthcare field that will give you a purpose

Anything else you would like to add?

Healthcare is a field where innovation are possible and a dynamic industry with already a lot of successful women and always needing more women talents especially in STEM. Join this industry where you can make an impact, especially in the Women's Health that is growing.

As a passionate healthcare marketer, I and will more than happy to chat with anyone who would like to know more.

Connect with Ikram on LinkedIn and visit her website.

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