Model Call: Deadline May 21st

We need You to be a Model for our Empowering Women in Industry Photo Shoot

Our goal as an organization is to connect, educate, inspire, and empower women. And we think one of the biggest ways we can empower women in industry is to show people who we are – what we look like, what our stories are, and what makes us unique.

To accomplish that goal, we are currently putting out a model call for women in industry to participate in a photo shoot and fashion show to showcase real women in male-dominated industries.

Our vision is to have women who represent all different aspects of industry – women in business, women in the trades and women in STEM. We have manufacturers of women’s work wear ready to provide work-clothing to be showcased in this photoshoot, and now we just need the models.

If you are reading this and thinking, well, I don’t look like a model, it is time to put that negative self-talk away. We think models look like you – confident women of all races, age, size and job description.

The main thing we want is to highlight people who are proud to be a woman in industry and want to show everyone what that can look like.

We are accepting applications for the model call through Friday, May 21st. We will review the applications and let you know if you were selected by the following Friday. Fill out the form below to send in your application.