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PumpMan Celebrates Women in Construction Week and Promotes Opportunities for Women

Saddle Brook, NJ (March 1, 2024) – PumpMan, a leading provider of onsite maintenance, repair, and replacement of equipment used in water and wastewater systems, is proud to acknowledge and celebrate this year’s Women in Construction Week, March 3 – 9, 2024.  With the theme of “Keys to the Future,” the week not only highlights the pivotal role that women already play in the construction industry, but also fosters and supports the expansion of opportunities for women in this essential field. Organized by the National Association of Women in Construction (NAWIC), this is the 26th annual event which has served as a platform to emphasize the strides already made by women in the traditionally male-dominated field and to showcase the possibilities that exist for women to help shape the future of the construction industry. 


“At PumpMan, one of our top priorities is to ensure that our employees have the opportunities they need to achieve their personal goals,” said Donald C. Devine, chief executive officer, PumpMan. “By promoting gender diversity within our industry, we help create a supportive work environment for all to join us for a rewarding and successful career.”


Before 2016, women accounted for nine out of every 100 employees in the construction industry. Since then, female employment has climbed nearly every year and is currently at 11.1% as of 2022. Even though most women in construction (35 percent) work in administrative or office jobs (U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics), there are opportunities throughout the industry, and room for growth.


As NAWIC promotes featuring the women currently in the industry in order to inspire other women who may be interested in the field, PumpMan is delighted to highlight two of its own outstanding female employees. 


Nina Sornoza: Reaching Her Career Goals at PumpMan

Understanding that water is a “vital resource for the world,” Nina Sornoza loves working at PumpMan because she knows that PumpMan does essential work as a leading provider of water and wastewater systems. As HR Director for PumpMan, Nina acknowledges that working in construction can be challenging for women, but she believes that with the proper tools, training, support, and guidance, women can find a rewarding and successful career in the field.


Working at the Saddle Brook, NJ, PumpMan office since June 2022, Nina has been able to pursue her career through the opportunities afforded to her at PumpMan. She is proud she has the ability to “better structure” the Human Resources Department since arriving. As a result of her hard work, she has been promoted to Human Resources Director. Nina is happy to work for a company like PumpMan that views the Human Resources Department as a key component to its success. Leading with talent acquisition, orientations, training, employee relations, health benefits, and other related tasks, the Human Resources Department provides essential information and support for the company’s most valuable assets, its employees. 


Nina says, “When considering the growing workforce shortage, companies need to have a viable and appealing solution of recruiting more women to the construction industry.”  In order to do so effectively, she believes that construction companies need to provide “more detailed information about all the needs of the trade.” Companies should offer comprehensive training on “skills, tools, resources, and safety to further understand the field.” Nina believes women can find great success in construction as long as they hone their skills, efficiency, and a focus on safety. “Companies should assure women that although the physical hardships associated with construction work were once considered challenging, today companies have the right equipment to safely assist and overcome many of these challenges.”


Finding the path to her success at PumpMan, Nina hopes other women will think about pursuing their dreams in one of the many positions in the construction field. When asked what advice she would give women who are considering it, Nina says, “Anything is possible when you have the will to develop in the area you are focused on. Construction might be a challenging career for a woman, but with proper training and tools, it can be done!”

Jessica Crain: Thriving and Succeeding in a Dynamic Industry

Early exposure to the construction industry provided Jessica Crain with valuable experience and knowledge of the complexities of the business. At the same time, Jessica found excitement in the “ever-evolving nature” of the trade. In her youth, Jessica spent time on job sites with her father and her uncle, both custom home builders. Jessica says this experience “allowed me to witness the meticulous planning and coordination required to bring projects to successful fruition.” Years later, this perspective “uniquely shaped” her approach to the industry and honed her skill for the work she does as Finance Manager at PumpMan NorCal in Santa Rosa, CA, where Jessica has been employed since June 2007. 


As a woman in an industry that has traditionally been male dominated, Jessica feels that perseverance is the key to success. Previously, she had worked for a small local contractor prior to them being acquired by PumpMan. Transitioning to a larger, nation-wide company presented a new set of challenges, but Jessica viewed them as opportunities to learn. She feels so fortunate to have learned so much from so many of her colleagues at PumpMan NorCal. Jessica is grateful that every person, no matter his or her position within the company, has taught her something unique and has contributed to her professional development. She reports that she has always approached her career as a “continuous learning journey,” and she has had many learning opportunities at PumpMan.


In an effort to recruit more women to the construction field, Jessica believes that educational institutions, particularly high schools, should consider partnering with companies to focus on STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) instruction, thereby alerting a new generation to the diverse career opportunities awaiting them in construction. Jessica’s advice to women considering a career in the construction field is to embrace their passion and skills and to realize the value of their unique perspectives to the overall success of the company. She tells them to be “prepared to encounter skepticism or criticism” but to use those as opportunities to strengthen resolve and inspire change.


As a mother of two pre-teen girls, Jessica is keenly aware of the “daunting list of challenges” the construction industry seems to pose to women.  Yet, she knows there are still great opportunities for success that await. She feels that by “acknowledging and actively addressing these challenges, the construction industry can create an environment where women, including those with family responsibilities, can thrive and contribute their skills to the fullest extent.” At PumpMan NorCal, Jessica is grateful to have found a supportive and dynamic environment “where I feel supported and empowered to take on new challenges.”



As the 2024 Women in Construction Week approaches, PumpMan urges women to investigate the possibilities that the industry can provide. Always looking for talented and dedicated employees, PumpMan encourages interested women to explore the positions available at PumpMan to get started on a successful and satisfying career in the construction industry.  Explore jobs at: Careers – Pump Repair & Emergency Pump Services | PumpMan LLC

About PumpMan Holdings LLC

Based in Saddle Brook, NJ, PumpMan is a growing provider of onsite service, repair, parts and expertise for pumps, motors and controls to the commercial, municipal, agricultural and industrial markets in California (PumpMan SoCal), (PumpMan Norcal), (PumpMan San Diego), Arizona (Pumpman Phoenix), (PumpMan Waterworks), Colorado (PumpMan Colorado), St. Louis (PumpMan Flo-Systems), the Greater Philadelphia area (PumpMan Philly), Pittsburgh and West Virginia (PumpMan Pittsburgh), and the New York Metro Area (PumpMan NYC, PumpMan Pump Systems).

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