Rafia Summan - Engineer & Entrepreneur in Fashion

What does Empowering Women in Industry mean to you? Empowering Women in Industry has a very special meaning to us because we have a similar mission. Our mission is to feature female role models by using fashion as a medium. We believe every woman is empowering and inspiring in her own way and doesn't matter how big or how small the impact is but women are amazing!

How did you get started in your field? I studied Biomedical Engineering and started working as an engineer at a medical device company. While doing a full time job as an engineer, I have a side hustle, The Kaanch. The Kaanch is a clothing brand with a mission to feature female role models by using fashion as a medium. As you all know, you can't be what you cant see others who look like you in that same role.

What do you love most about your job? What are you most proud of? I love both of my roles : engineer and entrepreneur. As an engineer working in the medical device field, I am very grateful to be part of improving surgical procedures and the outcomes on patient's lives. And as an entrepreneur, I am able to meet amazing women and feature their stories.

What advice would you give to someone considering this line of work? One advice that I would give is to keep tackling problems and keep pursuing your passion.


Our mission is to Connect, Educate, and Empower Women that will not only inspire the next generation of leaders, but provide a community for those currently leading. We will discuss opportunities and issues we handle every day as well as learn skills to strengthen our voice as Women in the Industry!

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