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SHARP Awards

Updated: Jan 30, 2023

As we get ready to accept nominations for the SHARP Awards, I thought I should share the story behind them. Each year, we honor Empowering Women in Industry at our National conference. It is a blast, and you should join us if you have the opportunity to travel! Our next event is on Oct. 5, 2023 in Chicago. I have noticed several women from our local community being nominated for these awards, so I decided we should add awards to our Alabama event. Showing support for women who are making a difference in our communities is top priority for the Empowering team. The awards give us a way to give back to our community and highlight the amazing leaders we meet along the way.

I chose the name SHARP to honor my mom, Kathy Sharp. The letters mean Strong, Helpful, Authentic, Resilient, and Purposeful. These are all qualities that she has shown me through her example, and I wanted to create something to recognize her legacy. Many times we honor someone when they pass on, but I want her to get the recognition today. She is one of the hardest working women I know. She raised 4 children as a single parent. She was a teacher and went back to school to become a Registered Nurse. Today, she is Director of Nursing, Nana of 12 grand children, 2021 Empowering Women in Industry Runway model, and a supporter for all our Empowering Brands. She played college basketball and volleyball at the University of Alabama and remains an active alumni who has a servant heart. She is on the Empowering Women Steering Committee for the Local conference and believes in empowering our future workforce. She empowered me and always let me know we CAN accomplish our goals if we do the work.

If know you know some SHARP women that you could nominate. Nominate someone today!

WHO: Nominate Women in Alabama who are making a difference in their workplace

WHAT: Describe what you have seen from this leading lady that made you want to nominate her

WHEN: The ceremony will be during the Conference lunch on March 4, 2023

WHERE: Bryant Conference Center

WHY: Because celebrating women succeeding in their careers gives our future and current workforce a role model.

Join us on March 4th for this One-Day Conference and make an impact in the lives of others!

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