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What are you most looking forward to at #EmpoweringWomen2023?

Updated: May 20

headshot of Regina Higgins

Regina Higgins:

I’m most looking forward to reconnecting with newly found friends resulting from past Empowering Women in Industry Conferences and feeding my soul with inspiration to make me a better person in my personal life, as a leader, and as an employee. I’m beyond grateful for Grundfos’ involvement in such an amazing event.

headshot of Jill Miller

Jill Miller:

At this year’s conference, I am excited to reconnect and have the opportunity to work on intentional growth with so many amazing and supportive women and every year just gets better. When I see updates between conferences, I marvel at the immense positive impact that EWII has had on the women who attend. It doesn’t stop there because the empowerment shows up in our families, companies, and communities.

headshot of Elena Rodriguez

Elena Rodriguez:

I can’t wait to be part of the Empowering Women in Industry Conference, where we’ll celebrate the remarkable achievements of women in the industrial sector and amplify their voices, reminding the world of their immeasurable worth.

headshot of Mary-Frances Klimek

Mary-Frances Klimek:

I have attended the Empowering Women in Industry Conference since its inaugural event and every year I am eager to reacquaint with attendees from previous years and to have the opportunity to meet new friends. By coming together to share our stories, successes and even failures, we give a voice to all women that strive to become empowered. Empowered women lift each other up and celebrate the success of everyone. I always leave this conference re-energized to take on new challenges and exciting opportunities.

headshot of Kristel Zaman

Kristel Zaman:

I am looking forward to seeing old friends and making some new ones. Every year I meet so many awesome people at this conference. These contacts keep on motivating me throughout the year. Also looking forward to hearing some inspirational speeches and learning something new.

headshot of Sara Bonham

Sara Bonham:

I am energized to be on the steering committee for the Empowering Women conference and attend the Chicago conference this year. This wonderful group of women makes me feel strong and brave enough to stand, not on my own, but with all of them behind me. My company, Xylem, has championed this conference and attended it yearly. The men and women I work with have joined this group in raising their voices to make women leaders seen, heard, and promoted in the industry. I feel very fortunate to be a part of both organizations.

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