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Brave: Courageously Live Your Truth

Brave: Courageously Live Your Truth sets out a clear roadmap for women to reclaim their personal power, providing them with the knowledge and courage to step into an authentic life. Learn how to listen to your intuition, follow your soul purpose and bravely live your truth.

This book helps to identify your personal calling, recognizing a destiny that yearns to be fulfilled and provides the skills to recognize the power and courage within to take the leap towards a more meaningful and passionate life.

This book is for the woman who feels lost in the midst of all the small decisions in her life. Be it following a career path, climbing the corporate ladder or caring for family, sometimes your focus, personal beliefs and goals get lost in the day-to-day. Now is the time to identify your personal calling and rediscover the destiny that is meant for you alone.

Discover how to regain connection to the feminine, emotional and intuitive core of one's being. Brave: Courageously live your truth provides the tools to make the changes to be true to yourself and follow your dreams. It shows you the answers that lie within and encourages you to embrace your individuality and that life should not be a 'one size fits all' approach.

This is a step-by-step guide to assist with making the changes to be able to courageously live an authentic life. Including case studies and helpful insights along the way, readers can tailor the lessons to suit their individual work/life circumstances. This is the ultimate handbook to develop the lifelong skills to embrace the power within, accept your vulnerability to develop resilience and strength to tackle whatever challenges that life sends your way.

Everyone has a calling, a life purpose, a destiny to fulfil. But not everyone feels brave enough to follow their dreams through.

Many of us get caught up in the existence of day-to-day and lose sight of what our true purpose is. Sheila Vijeyarasa lost herself in the middle of all the small decisions in her life, aching to make profound changes but not knowing what to do. Despite a great job and a life that looked exciting to others she knew deep down there was a greater, more meaningful purpose to her life.

Through struggle and heartbreak, and learning to cast aside the expectations of others and herself, Sheila found she was able to bravely step onto her Courageous Path. Taking this leap reconciled the conflict that lay within - her corporate identity and her spiritual calling – healing her body and soul.

Brave: courageously live your truth is a call to all women yearning to live an authentic life and to be true to themselves and to others.


• Courageous truths: these are the truths that will help you move beyond your current status quo. Your inner compass will know that these are the points to follow.

• Get curious questions: these questions create a truthful inner reflection, so don’t underestimate the value in answering them. There is wisdom within you that wishes to speak through the pages of your journal.

• Be still practices: these are meditation or breathing practices that will support you on your Courageous Path. These practices aim to help you to stop and listen to your inner voice.


Failure can wake us up. Sometimes we need a spotlight shone directly into our eyes. For me, Fifty Shades of Grey was that spotlight.

My mind, body and soul were perpetually exhausted. When I looked into the mirror I was not the fairest of them all; I was apathetic and restless. Depression wasn’t constant because it was kept at bay when I was busy. So what did I do? I became an expert at busy. A part of me wanted to awaken, but a larger part of me wanted to remain asleep to my truth.

At some point on your Courageous Path your soul will cry out for you to take a Courageous Leap in a new direction. Whether it is big or small, it will feel like an enormous leap into the abyss. You won’t yet know that you are moving closer towards your purpose or that this leap is part of a larger plan for your life that is starting to take shape, but you will know that the authentic life you are seeking can only be reached when you leap.

About the Author

Sheila Vijeyarasa Sheila has mastered the art of blending two diametrically opposite careers: she is a corporate leader as well as a spiritual teacher and mentor, medium and psychic reader. She holds an MBA and has fifteen years' experience in publishing and media preceded by a foundation of eight years' experience in chartered accounting and banking. She was also the CFO of a global publishing company. Sheila is the founder of Empowering Intuition. Her natural mediumistic and psychic abilities were passed down through multiple generations in her family, and she cultivated those skills at the prestigious Arthur Findlay College. She immersed herself in learning reiki and multiple mindfulness techniques at Esalen with Dr Shauna Shapiro, and studied bhakti yoga and the Vedic teachings of Kripalu Maharaj. She was taught by world-renowned medium James Van Praagh at The Omega Institute and studied executive coaching and NLP with Tad James Co.

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