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How to Look Stylish On A 2-Day Work Trip Without Over Packing

It’s always important to pack the right items for a work trip. You want to be prepared to make the right impression on any colleagues, coworkers, or higher-ups you may be interacting with during your travels. That said, you also don’t want to overpack, particularly if your trip is only going to last a couple of days. There’s no reason to add extra hassle to the experience if doing so can be avoided. That’s why it helps to keep these tips in mind. The next time you’re prepping for a short business trip, they’ll help you decide what you should (and should not) bring along.

Pack Outfits, Not Garments

An easy way to simplify your packing is to put together the various outfits you’ll need first, instead of simply choosing individual garments. This includes deciding what accessories you’ll wear. This tip is key to guarding against overpacking. When you take the time to choose your outfits first, you’ll know the items you bring along will actually be worn.

Pack Items You’ve Worn Often

It can be fun to experiment with new styles and outfits when going through your wardrobe. However, that’s not advisable when packing for a work trip. You need to be certain your outfits will be appropriate for professional situations, so it’s a better idea to pack items you can wear with confidence. Now is not the time to try something unique and avant garde.

Stick with Neutral Colors

You may love to wear garments boasting bright colors or dynamic designs, but they aren’t ideal  options for a work trip. Pack garments of neutral colors instead. Surveys of hiring managers indicate wearing neutral colors is an effective way to come across as a professional, which is critical for this type of visit.

Neutral colors are also less memorable than other hues, which may be helpful in these circumstances. With neutrals, you can wear the same outfit twice without people realizing it. That’s less likely to happen if your outfits are bright and noticeable.

However, depending on the weather and the season, bright colors can be appropriate in small doses. A summer subscription box could provide the perfect pop of color to layer in with your otherwise neutral look.

Use Accessories to Transform Outfits

It’s easier to pack light if you put together outfits that can be worn during both the day and night. Instead of packing additional garments to transform your outfits, rely on accessories instead.  

For instance, if you wanted to turn a professional outfit for daytime activities into something more elegant for the night, adding a string of pearls, tasteful belt, or accent-color bag is a simple way to achieve your goal.

Tired of the accessories you already have? Need fresh, new ones? Try out an accessory subscription box to spice up your travel wardrobe. They’ll make any outfit shine, especially on those business trips.

Pack Two Pairs of Shoes

More often than not, business trips will include activities where heels are either encouraged or necessary. However, you also want to make sure you have comfortable footwear to walk in. Thus, you should also bring along a pair of flats. Two pairs of shoes will be all you need for a brief trip.

Pack for Space Efficiency

Once you’ve chosen what to bring with you, it’s time to actually pack everything. Knowing how to use space as efficiently as possible when doing so will help you limit everything to a single bag. That means rolling your clothes instead of folding them.

You may also want to save space by wearing your jacket on the plane. That said, if this isn’t comfortable, pack your jacket last. Laying it on top of everything else you pack will conserve space.

Again, packing for a short business trip doesn’t need to be a hassle. You just need to remember these points. Doing so will ensure you bring along the essentials while leaving the excess at home.

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