Meet Maureen Gribble, Director of Marketing

What does Empowering Women in Industry mean to you?

When I first started in this industry in 2006 there weren't really any dedicated groups for women in the field and I'll admit, when they first started popping up I wasn't moved to get involved - my view was, I'm a person in this industry not a woman in it. Well, I've since changed my tune as I've worked with so many women new to this industry which has shined a light on how much we still need to do to help carve out our place in it. I love what Empowering Women in Industry is doing to highlight the success of women & the community that is being strengthened everyday. I only wish I'd jumped in sooner!

How did you get started in your field?

I started in 2006 when I began working for The Society for Maintenance & Reliability Professionals. I was a non-profit management professional who quickly learned that the reliability community was where I truly belonged. Since 2012 I have been working at UE Systems, Inc. - we are a technology provider helping our customers improve reliability at their facilities by implementing ultrasound condition monitoring. I went from supporting M&R professionals to becoming one.

What do you love most about your job? What are you most proud of?