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Meet Rebecca Heustess, A Tile Setter

Empowering women to me means inspiring more than just women.

I want to prove that no matter what background you come from with hard work and determination you can achieve your greatness.

I’ve been through things that are meant to break you. Things I never thought possible to move on from. Each time I’ve come out stronger. Once I learned to become my own rock, I learned that I am in fact not only Unbreakable but unstoppable.

Telling my story of what I’ve been through not only with working in a male-dominated job. All the accomplishments I’ve earned along the way in the last 11 years. Starting as a tile finisher, learning and earning my way up to journeyman Tile Setter. Not many believed I’d make it a week, yet here I am standing strong. I earned tile setter of the year in 2020. I’ve gotten the pleasure of working on many award-winning projects. I've gotten to enjoy many work events including annual clay sporting shoots and AGC dinners. I've been blessed with a great company to work for. My fight to get to where I am was a long road. After losing my daughter to cancer when she was 7 to the abusive childhood I’ve endured, I truly have fought my way through life. I hope to inspire anyone who may need to hear it can be done! You can overcome things that are meant to destroy you! You can be the best version of yourself. For me, it’s about forgiveness and love.

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