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The #EmpoweringWomen2019 Raffle Proceeds will go to...

Participants attending the Empowering Women in Industry conference on September 26th 2019 in Chicago will have the opportunity to engage in an on-site raffle; of which, the proceeds will be donated to support SparkShop, a 501©(3) Non-Profit Organization with a mission to inspire and mobilize the next generation of engineers, innovators, entrepreneurs & manufacturing geniuses.

Led by Shonali Ditz and Tiernan Murrell, SparkShop empowers students to apply their skills to engineering challenges and see their value in STEM fields. This dynamic duo believes that the US needs a larger and more diverse pool of technical talent, so they are actively partnering with educators in the Chicago area to bring fun, engineering challenges to the classroom, focusing on project-based learning for 4th and 5th graders. Learn more at

How the Raffle Works:

On Thursday 9/26/19, at the welcome / registration desk outside of Stagg Court (4th floor of the Chicago Athletic Hotel), you can purchase 1 ticket for $5 or buy 5 tickets for $20. When you purchase 5 tickets or more, you have the option to place more than one ticket into the pot for that one item you really want (see all the items on the Raffle Table inside Stagg Court). Or you may ‘spread out’ your tickets for a few different items you might be interested in winning. When you have more tickets, you increase your chances of winning, and you generate more proceeds to support SparkShop.

Can't attend, but want to support SparkShop anyway? Donate to their organization directly!

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