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Women Representing & Empowering Women in Industry

June in Chicago is one of my favorites! People are outdoors enjoying life, and it is beautiful to see! Last June, the Empowering Women staff met with Women in Industry who answered our ModelCall and created a day of storytelling, photography, videography, and fun! Sounds much like our #EmpoweringWomen2021 event coming up Oct 21, 2021 in Chicago! We met some amazing women who were new to our community as well as see friends we have known for years! Our vision for the event was to have women who represent all different aspects of industry – women in business, women in the trades and women in STEM. We had manufacturers of women’s work wear, Juno Jones, Safety4Her, and Covergals provide work-clothing to be showcased in this photoshoot. It really felt like a mini-conference as we truly bonded with these women while improving our skills. Not just our runway skills, which I personally loved, but we also used our voice to share our journeys with each other and empower each other! To Empower YOU! Here's a look into our day and the stories we shared!

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